10 Amazing DIY Birdhouse Designs You Can Create For Nothing

The song of birds can really be very pleasant and very soothing. With your morning or afternoon coffee, the singing of birds and their presence can help you relax. If you have a yard, then a birdhouse is indispensable part of it. Give them a place to visit and where to rest, eat something and drink water.

There are countless easy & cheap DIY ideas, which can help you to make fascinating birdhouse, without spending money. You can use a variety of materials that you already have in your home. For example, there will be enough to cut one plastic bottle, so that the bird can land and enjoy the food. Collect ice cream sticks and use them to create a cute small birdhouse.

Just attach them together and make the shape you want. You can also do the same with wine corks, or maybe with ordinary small wooden sticks. Play with the shapes, and create whatever comes to your mind. You can paint the birdhouse in any color and enjoy the whole day in the beautiful bird singing. Let it be your next DIY project before the spring comes! Have fun!

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