15 Magnificent Ideas to Use Old Wagon Wheels In Your Garden

When the old wagon wheels outlive its primary function, it can, in essence, begin a new life and serve a completely new purpose. After it leaves the wagon, its newfound role may be entirely decorative, functional or both. Since the invention of the wagon wheel, people have found intriguing ways to recycle it.

The most basic use for an old wagon wheel is as a yard ornament. Even a decrepit one, not suitable for other wheel projects, can add charm and interest to a garden. Lean it against a tree, fence, or building, or prop it up by planting half of it in the soil. Use it as a backdrop for a low-growing flowering bush or as the focal point in a rock garden. A sturdy wagon wheel can provide ornamentation at a higher elevation by attaching it to a sign pole or on the side of a building.

1. Christmas Wagon Wheel

2. Handmade Wagon Wheel Chandelier

3. Wagon Wheel Garden Decor

4. Rustic Bridal Shower Welcome Wheel

5. Wagon Wheel Bench

6. Wagon Wheel Gate

7. Wagon Wheel Fence

8. Wagon Wheel Trellis

9. Wagon Wheel Swing

10. Wagon Wheel Wall Art

11. Wagon Wheel Wreath

12. Rim Clock

13. Wagon Wheel Picnic Table

14. Wagon Wheel Dreamcatcher

15. Wagon Wheel Flower Pot Holder

16. Wagon Wheel Wine Rack

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