20 Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Plants With Rattan

Bringing natural nuances into the room can be done by placing ornamental plants. This collection of flowers and plants in addition to beautifying the interior, the air in the room will feel fresher because several types of plants have the property of absorbing toxins in the air. Your collection of flowers and plants will be more complete by choosing a plant rack from natural materials. If as long as you often see a plant rack made of bamboo and wood, this time I want to inspire you with a rattan plant rack.

Rattan is very popular as a part of contemporary furniture. Besides being a table and chair, rattan furniture comes in various designs to beautify your plants. Starting from pots, plant stands, hanging shelves, to wall decorations, so they can be adapted to your indoor plants. If you like minimalist style, check out this beautiful way to decorate your plants with rattan! Take care, water, and watch your plant collection grow with unique decorations. Find your own rattan plant decoration and elevate your mood

Rattan plant stand

Bring a unique and chic impression to your indoor garden with this rattan plant stand. This is the easiest way in which you can place plants in any room at will. Rattan plant stand is a strong material and is resistant to any weather, even many people think that rattan is stronger than wood. There is a warm, natural and calming impression that will complement your plants. Rattan never feels out of date, and will always match whatever your interior style is. These plant stands are also available in various designs and storage areas as needed.








Rattan wicker pots and shelves

If you want to bring a tropical style to your home, a flower rack made of woven rattan can be an option. You can choose rattan wicker pots and shelves according to your needs and place accessories under them such as ceramics, glasses, or a place to put books that you can place in the reading corner. You can also place it in the corner of the room if you don’t have a large room.

Whatever your choice, match it with an interior theme such as minimalism, modern, or a unique bohemian style. If you have enough space at home, you can hang a rattan wicker pot to become the center of attention. When choosing rattan pots or shelves, choose from the best rattan materials. The thing that must be considered, although this rattan material is a strong material, you still need to clean it regularly and avoid placing it in direct sunlight.













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