20 Garden Decoration Tips for Small Corners

My biggest annoyance with the gardeners I do know is that they are limited in their design choices.

It’s almost as though they’re frightened to go outside the box; in fact their gardens are always rectangular or square!

It requires a little bit of innovative thinking (and, in most cases, even bigger pockets – but this isn’t always necessary!) However, you may have a unique, surprise backyard that will make your friends envious! The most common “eyesores” I find in many gardens are visible property borders and hideous-looking barriers or barbeque pits. The secret is to plan your backyard around your view and to keep in mind your surroundings at all times.

Why limit your backyard design to a limited area of your home when you may truly plan it throughout the entire yard? Why not turn your home into a relaxing, colorful paradise? You might think that’s a bit extravagant – and it might be in your situation – but I’m willing to bet you can still afford to make your garden bigger and more enjoyable. I know a couple that built a *wonderful* looking shade backyard for entertaining. Another who constructed an absolutely stunning butterfly backyard!

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