20 Ideas for Serene Outdoor Meditation Spaces to Unwind and Rejuvenate


Meditation is proven to be able to deal with stress, relieve anxiety, focus, and maintain mental health. That’s why many people who live in urban areas often spend their holidays with holidays. Not much different from going on vacation, doing meditation regularly has a positive impact on our lives so having a dedicated space will be very helpful. However, most people often get bored quickly doing it at home, especially if the space you have is limited which makes it difficult to consider a meditation room.

There are many inspirations you can find on the internet for creating a meditation room but what caught our attention the most was the idea of an outdoor meditation place. Anyone will love breathing the fresh air outdoors, finding peace with nature, to trying to blend in with the environment. You can create a meditation place in even the smallest outdoor area. From the patio to the backyard, or even the garden, they are very practical and help you make the most of the available space.

In this post, I want to find a comfortable place to meditate, equipment to bring in, and then some decorating tips to transform your outdoor space. Let’s check!


Create an outdoor meditation space

Today many people feel stressed with their lives. This is most common for those who live in urban areas to suburban areas. Whether it’s because of the demands of work or life’s increasingly heavy workload, a meditation place can create a space to calm down and focus on mental health. I’ve covered relaxing areas a lot in the past in a similar vein, but today I’m just going to create a beautiful and serene meditation space by working on the outdoors you have. No matter how large your outdoor space is, meditation spots won’t take up much space because they blend into the natural surroundings.









Take advantage of every area you have

Many meditation practitioners dedicate a whole place to meditation in order to maintain privacy and preserve energy. If your outdoor space is often used as a gathering place, you certainly don’t want many people to have access to your meditation room and potentially upset the energy balance you have created. So you need a special place to keep your meditation. You don’t need a lot of space to create a quiet area outdoors. Ideally, if you have enough room to sit, lie down, and potentially stretch, that should be enough.

Make the most of every nook and tiniest area you have. In small yards and gardens, corners become invaluable places for storage and decoration. If you don’t have a separate room you can dedicate at least half of the space to your meditation area and gear, then find a comfortable space outside. Decorate your corner with plants, pillows, fragrances, and other meditation supplies.











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