21 Garden Bridge Designs That Are Especially Beautiful


The garden is an important element that is part of the residential landscape, besides that the presence of this garden also enhances the outdoor appearance. There are many ways to improve your garden design, starting from adding lots of plants, accessories, fish ponds, or if your garden is large enough, you can also add bridges to make it more aesthetic.

Building bridges in the garden does not have to be large, but adjusts to the size of the pond below. Previously, you had to adjust the length and width of the bridge to the size of the park. Do not let the size of the bridge that is too large even hinder the beauty of the pond or landscape you want to create.

Determine the right angle or estimate the placement of the bridge to make it look proportional. In this case, the use of materials must also be considered, at least the bridge must be able to withstand the burden of the people above it. Interested in beautifying your garden with a bridge? Here are some inspirations for your garden!


Garden bridge design

Any garden will look more beautiful with a bridge, especially if it is surrounded by trees and various types of flowers around it. Its unique design makes the appearance of the garden have high appeal. Before building a bridge, first determine the material you want to choose, usually small garden bridges are made of wood, stone, concrete, or mix several materials at once. If you want a practical design, use wood on the floor to the bridge railing. The wood used is in the form of a board consisting of several pieces arranged or connected in an upward curved pattern. Another idea, use concrete materials with simple models that are usually used in Japanese garden styles.


Garden bridge structure

Despite their small size, garden bridges must be able to withstand the weight of the people above them. Of course, safety is a top priority, especially if you happen to have children at home who often play on the bridge. The bridge structure must be really sturdy using additional iron plates, couplers and iron joints. Furthermore, on top of the bridge, other wooden planks are added, which are arranged in a row and tightly from one end of the wood to the end of the bridge on the other side.

Make sure the wooden floor is firmly attached using bolts or nails. However, before this wooden plank had to be given a hole by drilling, the aim was so that the wooden plank would not break easily when screwed or nailed. Finally, add a fence whose wood is shaped according to the model of the bridge, so that the appearance looks more aligned and blends with the bridge.

See more garden bridge ideas that might just become your favorite below!



















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