23 DIY Ideas To Use Old Teapots For Home And Garden

Although teapots are the basic crockery items to be used at home, when they are cracked a little, their life span also comes to an end. Instead of tossing them out, there are many ways you can reuse them. Recycling them means you could avoid your regret as you have spent a lot of money on their buying and their vintage beauty does not let you get rid of them in any way. Don’t despair, we’ve brought a very delightful and practical solution to recycle your old teapots in very exciting and favorable ways.

Scrolling down, you can bring many artistic attributes to your garden by building a bird feeder or planters. For decorating the tabletop, these teapots can be converted into a flower vase or a mini pond. For room decor, these teapots would make a great lamp or candle holder. So if you have some expired or retired teapots you know what to do with them, right? Choose some and try with us!

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