28 ideas to transform your long and narrow garden with stunning walkways ‎

Try these best Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens to make the best use of limited space and make it appear large and beautiful!

Do not let the small space in your yard stop you from adding a bit of appeal to the space. Here are some amazing Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens to help you out!

1. Grow Tall Trees to Add Depth

Growing tall trees amidst the groundcovers will add more depth to the bland landscape. Also, you may opt for stone paving with grass in between.

2. Grow Circular Patches of Lush Grasslands

Circular patches of grassy land bordered by brick walkways make narrow gardens appear wider. To make it more appealing, you may also add blooming groundcovers and shrubs.

3. Line Potted Plants by the Yard Fence

Line beautiful potted plants along the fence to use the corner space. You can also fill the garden with narrow plants which won’t spread much.

4. Hang Flowers Baskets and Creepers on the Wall

Hang flower baskets, install raised beds, grow blooming groundcovers, and train creepers to give your long and narrow garden an attractive look.

5. Plan an Urban Jungle with Tropical Plants and Large Boulders

Invite tropical vibes in your garden with lush foliage plants like Aglaonema, Palms, Bananas, and Agave. You may also add large boulders to complete the look.

6. Add a Pop of Colors with Vivid Foliage Plants

A long, narrow garden can benefit from the choicest play of colors with variegated plants. You can also add some flowers in between to enhance the appeal.

7. Divide into Sections

Divide your yard into grassland, gravel bed, and tiles sections to make the small area look appealing. Grow bushy groundcovers along the edges and set up a small dining place to relax.

8. A Beautiful Private Garden!

Design a beautiful private garden with a lush turf bed, sandstone paving, tall bushes, and a quiet sitting arrangement.

9. Hide the Sitting Space with a Clever Landscaping

Plan a clever landscape to keep your sitting deck private. Grow the tall trees and potted plants wisely along the fence to level up the aesthetics.

10. Plan a Grassless Courtyard with Pebbles and Paving Stones

Grassy courtyards require more maintenance. Save your time and energy by introducing a pebble walkway and sandstone paving to give your narrow yard a much-needed makeover.

11. Grow Raised Beds on Either Side

Grow raised beds to make the most of the limited space in the yard. Also, plant big trees to create a shady canopy along with other potted varieties.

12. Plot a Tiered Yardscape

A tiered landscape makes for a contemporary look. Utilize the long yard to create a bonfire at the center and border the edges with a succulent bed.

13. Design a Raised Urban Lawn with Pavings

A perfect landscaping idea for city dwellers! You can also install colorful fencing for an added charm.

14. Don’t Go For a Single Path

Opting for a single path is not a good idea for long and narrow gardens—going for more than one path will deflect the attention.

15. Divide the Garden into Different Sections

Break the garden space and make different sections. Use plants and structures for creating screens. Install trellises and pergolas; create decks, paths, and paving.

16. Add a Water Feature

You can create a water feature in your long garden to eliminate the city sound. It will not only soften the noise but also look calm and soothing.

17. Make Different Garden Zones for Various Uses

Divide the garden into different zones. Develop the first for enjoying coffee and conversation, second for the sunken garden, and the third as a screened eating or entertainment area.

18. Choose Climbers Over Hedges

If your narrow garden has boring walls, borders, or ugly fences, install trellises with climbing plants. This vertical garden-like arrangement will create more growing space.

19. Paint in Cool Shades

While planning the narrow gardens, don’t overlook the walls and fences as they are very dominant to the view. If the area is small, always go for cool and bright shades.

20. Build Screen Using Plants

Do not use solid barriers in narrow spaces—instead, opt for vertical planting and trellises. You can also utilize the walls.

21. Use Hard Landscaping to Add Zones

You can add zones in long gardens by using hard landscaping. Build raised beds and sitting areas that cut into the space—this will make it appear wider.

22. Use Ornamental Grasses

Tall arching ornamental grasses create mesmerizing effects in your narrow gardens. You can grow varieties like Miscanthus, Molinia, and Stipa.

23. Raise a Seating Area at the End of Your Garden

Position a seating area at the end of the landscape—the height will divulge the long line of view. You can also add tall shrubs to add a subtle screen.

24. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are an apt choice to make the space look bigger and reflect light into your long garden. Install a big one on a fence or wall as a focal point.

25. Set Bright Furniture

Add an aesthetic piece of outdoor furniture like a garden bench in your yard. It will make the narrow space look really dramatic!

26. Use Curves to Break the Long Lines

A twisting pathway is a good trick to break up the narrow lines. Round and curved shapes in a long and narrow plot make the space more natural and attractive.

27. Boost the Curb Appeal with Groundcovers and Creepers

Grow patches of groundcovers and creepers to complement the brick paving in the yard. You can also introduce a circular stairway to add a contemporary appeal to the overall look.

28. Pave an Asymmetric Concrete Walkway in the Yard

Concrete walkways look welcoming amidst a grassy yard covered with low-growing bushes. Pave the tiles asymmetrically to add more drama.

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