29 Exceptionally Beautiful Tiny Homes

While many home buyers seek out more square footage, more bedrooms, and tons of land, the tiny house movement seeks to do the opposite. Tiny homes are part of the minimalist trend, enabling people to live more simply, while still having a home that is stylish and meets all of their needs. As more and more people opt to go tiny, design has evolved so much so that it’s clear today that sacrificing square footage doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

Before you start conjuring images of living in a bus, check out these beautifully designed tiny homes that can help you lead a more economically and environmentally sustainable life in a home that still reflects your personal style.

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    Embrace Separate Rooms

    Tiny house with white interior

    If you think going tiny means you have to live in a single-room trailer or RV, think again. There are many tiny homes out there, like this one from Butikevlersapanca that prove you can have multiple delineated spaces without a large overall footprint. This stunning, airy tiny home features a lofted bed above the kitchen, a common layout for many small homes. This floor plan also includes a living room and even a porch to sit and watch the birds.

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    Opt for Van Life

    Tiny house van with small kitchen

    This company, escape. conversions specializes in converting camper vans into tiny mobile homes that can easily move from zip code to zip code. Even though living in a van means fewer segmented spaces, smart storage in places like the kitchen help ensure it can handle the necessities. Living small is all about storing intelligently and living off of only what you really need.

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    Go Wild for Plants

    Tiny house filled with plants

    Is greenery your thing? The good news is opting for a tiny home doesn’t mean getting rid of all of your beloved plant babies. This beautiful tiny home from Hollielovesplants is filled with plants from floor to ceiling, but because the rest of the floor plan is wide open and airy, it doesn’t feel overcrowded or claustrophobic.

    Plants are a great way to make a tiny home feel warm and welcoming.

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    A Home Filled With Windows

    Open floor plan tiny house

    This mini home from wanderinstarfarms has a lot going for it. Located right outside of Austin, this house boasts a slightly larger square footage than some of the modular tiny homes on our list, but it’s still very much minimal living. The floor-to-ceiling windows bring in tons of natural light, making the space feel even larger than it is.

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    Room for a Sectional

    Tiny house with woman doing yoga

    If you still think living small means sacrificing creature comforts, look at this lovely space from born and bound. The floor plan is strategic and even allows for a sectional couch, so there’s more than enough room to curl up and watch Netflix. Plus, by opting for lightweight ottomans, floor space can be increased and the room can become a personal yoga studio.

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    Just the Necessities

    Woman in a van looking at mountains

    This van from the. activ features a streamlined, modern style that doesn’t overwhelm with details or unnecessary extras. When working with a very small space such as an RV or a van, opt for decor that is pared down and simple to keep the space clean and calming.

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    Add a Skylight

    Bed with a window over it

    If you’re worried that living small will feel tight and confined, consider a beautiful skylight like this one from pumphreyandweston. Not only does this provide for optimal nightly stargazing, but it also helps to open up the room and give it the illusion of being larger.

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    Consider Smart Storage

    Bus converted to a house

    Not only does this school bus-turned-house from Avanquest feature a beautiful modern design that rivals any large home, but it also has loads of smart storage to help keep it clean and organized. Low-profile rolling pantries and drawer organizers are key to living well in a small home.

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    Play With Paint

    tiny house Van with green cabinets

    While many tiny homes maintain a neutral color palette, there’s still room to experiment with bolder colors in a small space. This beautiful van house from thetravelbobbers features lime green cabinets that play beautifully with the rustic wood-paneled ceiling and the greenery throughout the space. Strategically adding bright colors can add a dose of personality to a small home.

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    A Beautiful Sunroom

    Tiny house with sun room

    One of the best things about a tiny house is you can focus on the elements you truly appreciate and the rooms you will use the most. If natural light is your thing, this stunning small home from tayandmckay features a sunroom that rivals that of any larger home. Between the high ceilings and two rows of windows, this space feels breezy and super open.

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    Focus on the Deck

    Small house with brown siding and patio
    o easily move from zip code to zip code, so you probably want to experience a mix of indoor and outdoor living. This beautiful modern tiny home from truformtiny features a portable wooden deck perfect for sunbathing and looking out at the stars. Many tiny homes come equipped with porches or decks so you can take advantage of your changing neighborhood.

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