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Helloshabby.com – This house with gray color gives an elegant impression. A house with a small size if you apply bright colors will make the impression of the house look wider and bigger. You can apply this home design for homes with limited land. Despite its small size the house is equipped with complete facilities.

Facade Design 

The appearance of the facade of this house presents a combination of white and gray so that it looks elegant and minimalist. On the facade of this house is equipped with wooden doors with black paint and also glass windows with a large size so as to maximize the lighting that enters the house.

House Side Design

On the side view of the house, you can see a house building equipped with a spiral staircase. This black staircase design will give a modern and elegant impression. This house staircase is used as access to the balcony of the house so it will not take up much space.

Living Room Design 

Enter the house there is a living room with a large enough size so as to provide comfort for homeowners. This living room is equipped with a letter L sofa bed in dark gray so that it can give a modern and elegant impression. Equipped with a TV attached to the wall so it will not take up much space.

Dining Room & Kitchen Design 

Next to the living room there is a dining room and kitchen with a predominance of gray and white so it can give an elegant impression. This dining room uses a mini bar design with a minimalist look. As for the kitchen, it uses an elegant black kitchen set.

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