29 Plants With Heart-Shaped Leaves That Grow Indoors And Outside


Brunnera is one of the stunning outdoor plants with heart-shaped leaves and their excellent silvery nature. Also, this plant also brings white leaf coloration and plenty of colorful blue spring flowers similar to forget-me-nots.

The Dutchman’s pipe is a vine plant that has a dramatic nature of heart-shaped leaves on its climbing stems. Its heart-shaped leaves are so huge that they can form a dense blanket. During late spring, it blooms green color flowers.

‘Gold Heart’ Bleeding Heart displays heart-shaped leaves. It has a pendant, heart-shaped blooms with different colors like red, white, and pink, with fern-like foliage. This plant does well in a partly shaded area and will become naturally dormant during the summer heat.

Redbud Hazel is a perennial heart-shaped leaf plant that displays deep green foliage. It produces a plum blush during the late summer and grows more colorful with time. It grows happily in partial sunlight.

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