30 Fantastic Concepts for Lawn and Garden Edging

These DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas are the best to add some bling to your yard! They are also easy on the pocket!

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DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

1. Rubber Garden Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

Get ready-made garden edging sections from the market and use them around the flowers. Do not forget to check out salvage yards to get these for cheap.

2. Wooden Log Edging

Bring a natural feel to your garden and backyard using neat logs and birch in equal pieces. Put them horizontally like a fence with the help of rope.

3. Brick Borders

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 2

You can try this easy-to-install, affordable edging idea that can be carried out in a single day. You can go for concrete blocks, clay bricks, or kerbstones.

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4. Cobblestone Edging


Experience the charm of the old English era with granite or cobblestone edging on driveways, sideways, patios, and natural gardens in square or round shapes.

5. Wattle Garden Edging

Add a little country flair to your garden with the help of wattle edging. Go to a nearby forest to get twigs or branches for free.

6. Terracotta Pipe Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 4

Terracotta or burnt clay pipes can be integrated into the garden. Cut the pipes into small pieces and place them tightly side-by-side.

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7. Metal Garden Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 10

Metal wire structures look great and add a victorian touch to the yard. You can try your luck getting them for cheap in salvage shops.

8. Twigs and Branches!

Add a rustic touch to your garden with twig fencing. Arrange them in a zigzag pattern and bind them with wires to add a rustic charm to the yard.

9. Cinder Blocks Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 12

Add a geometric feel to the garden edging with cinder blocks. Set cinder blocks in the furrow, keep the tops visible from above, or make the base with concrete.

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10. Rock Edging

This low-maintenance, long-lasting idea comes in many sizes and shapes. Put different rocks together or try the same shaped stones for even edging.

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11. Tree Trunk Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 14

Recycled wooden logs and tree trunks can be used for fencing. Set tree stumps like a boundary between plant beds or lawn areas.

12. Stacked Stone Garden Edging

Stack up stones on top of each other to make a little garden bed. It is great if you want a focal point in your yard.

13. Pallet Edging

Recycle used pallets for edging. You can also use wooden shedding parts or crates as fences to complete the look.

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14. Gabion Wall Edging

Add a dramatic touch to your garden with gabion wall edging. It is a cool idea that uses stones of many colors and shapes to build an edge.

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15. Palisade Garden Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 22

It not only adds colors and structure to your garden but is also very easy to make. These iron railings do not cost much too.

16. Poured Concrete Edging

Create a mold form and then pour concrete to make a beautiful edging in the garden. It is long-lasting and sturdy. Details are here.

17. Curved Garden Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 26

Curved edging can be made using stones, metal, wood, or anything of your liking. It adds a dimension to the yard.

18. Tire Rim Garden Edging

Create a distinct look with this easy, durable, low-cost idea. Simply bury half of the tire rims in the garden edges.

19. Plastic Mulch Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 30

This inexpensive, easy-to-lay-down idea is worth trying! Get black plastic edging from any garden or hardware shop, and you are done. Watch the video for guidance here.

20. Timber Edging

If you are a fan of wood and don’t mind splurging, this is a great idea. Use timber logs as edging. It looks great with both foliage plants and flowers.

21. Painted PVC Stakes Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 31

Paint the PVC stakes in any color of your choice and fasten them on the garden edges. It is a simple, cheap, and attractive idea.

Learn what more you can do with PVC pipes here

22. Recycled Tumbled Glass Edging

Buy pieces of recycled tumbled glass and use plastic landscape edging or wood centerboard for keeping glass chunks in place.

23. Dinnerware Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 36

Make wise use of old dinnerware by displaying them on garden edges. Simply dig a trench and bury the dishes.

24. Flowerpots Edging


Flowerpot edging is quite easy to make, and you can use broken ones to create a distinct pattern too!

25. Glass Bottle EdgingDIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 35

Recycle empty wine or other bottles and build this unique idea for edging pathway borders and raised flowerbeds. See the DIY here.

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26. Seashell Garden Edging

This idea can be a head-turner in your garden! Line up clamshells and create a beautiful contrast with bright foliage plants like hostas.

27. Wood Logs Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 40

Long wooden logs can also be used for garden edging. You can get them for free in a nearby forest.

28. Coco Fiber Edging

Buy coco fiber sheets and install them as edges in the garden. They are also nature friendly.

29. Bicycle Rim Edging

DIY Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas 41

Bicycle wheels are also an excellent option for creating garden edges. Bury them deep enough, so they don’t fall over.

30. Tire Edging


Get second-hand or recycled tires for cheap, paint them in different colors, and stack them on top of each other to make an eye-catching garden edging.

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