30 Wall and Fence Design Ideas to Improve the Facade of Your Home

House exterior design is more important than ever, and ensuring that your home looks on point from the outside (as well as the inside), will ultimately bump up your curb appeal, not to mention your day-to-day pleasure when you return home and its overall value.

Whether you’re a modern or traditional property, there are both simple tweaks and more significant changes that you can make – from windows and cladding to even your front door color – to help improve the saleability of your home, so it is worth exploring your options.

While style preferences vary, specific rules of attractiveness always apply to front yard fences.

If curb appeal is your goal, your fence should appear in good condition, suit the context of the neighborhood, and, most importantly, look cohesive within your overall landscape and exterior home design.

Fences that offer visual permeability project a more inviting feel, positively impacting curb appeal.

Opting for fences around waist height with plenty of light will project a more inviting scene than a tall or fully opaque fence design.

The gaps in picket fences and the transparent fence panels of hog wire fences offer plenty of visibility to project inviting vibes to people on the street.

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