32 Feng Shui Garden Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Professor Lin Yun, a Feng Shui practitioner, philosopher, and scientist, shares simple backyard landscaping ideas and useful tips for good Feng Shui of garden design. The breeze is Feng; the clean water is Shui. The combination of them,  sunlight, rocks, and green plants are the main elements of a beautiful yard and garden design, he says.

The ancient Chinese art of positioning objects in a garden, including garden furniture, plants, bridges, rocks, and garden decorations, is based on a belief in yin and yang patterns and chi’s flow that create positive and negative effects. Good Feng Shui for garden design creates a peaceful, quiet, and eco-clean place. A garden should be far from industrial sites and well protected from busy roads, noise, or air-water pollution. Polluted areas destroy the energy that brings good luck. Fresh breeze and clean water attract money and improve health, Feng Shui homes for wealth.

Chinese garden design inspiration

Traditional Chinese garden design style, garden rocks, plants, a small pond with goldfish

Feng Shui tips for garden design

1. According to Feng Shui design recommendations, the house, backyard, and garden need protection from harmful environmental impacts. Good Feng Shui for garden design and backyard landscaping includes a natural barrier for protection and privacy. Your garden or backyard must be surrounded by a natural fence that reduces noise, wind, and air pollution.

Small backyard ideas and garden design, stone patio pavers with wooden fence and garden furniture

In ancient times Chinese built their villages in the valleys of the mountains. Their farms prospered because of a natural barrier, which protected farms from strong cold winds and enemies’ attacks.

2. Good Feng Shui garden design and backyard landscaping ideas should include elements that help create a sense of security and comfort. Large rocks, stone walls, and rock gardens are beautiful and modern garden ideas. Trees and bushes, combined with designing a natural fence, or an artificial wall decorated with green plants and flowers, can be used as an attractive and functional natural barrier for your garden.

Small backyard ideas, stone wall, stairs, attractively decorated with plants and flowers

3. The energy flow Qi, the life force in Feng Shui philosophy, is everywhere. Good Feng Shui garden design and backyard landscaping create open spaces with shrubs, small plants, and flowers that allow free life force flow.

4. It is essential to create an open area in front of the house doors to allow the Qi energy flow inside the house and around freely, bringing positive changes. Do not plant large trees close to the front door. Good Feng Shui garden design and backyard decorating ideas should be simple, open, and welcoming.

Small plants and natural fences, backyard landscaping ideas for Feng Shui homes and garden

5. Another principle of good Feng Shui garden and backyard designs is ‘the mountain is behind, and water is in front.’ The water element attracts chi energy that brings money into your home. According to Feng-Shui, in the design philosophy, the water is the symbol of wealth.

A swimming pool or pond with goldfish and water plants, and a fountain or waterfall with rocks and grasses are necessary for Feng Shui garden design, front yard, or backyard landscaping ideas.

Backyard landscaping ideas to Feng Shui homes, small plants, flower beds, curvy lines, swimming pool, and stone patio pavers

6. Good Feng Shui for garden design and backyard landscaping calls for three elements: water, rocks, and plants. Decorative and straightforward rock gardens are lovely elements of Feng Shui in Eastern style. A rock garden works as an artificial barrier, reflecting negative energy and protecting a house and outdoor living spaces.

Garden waterfall and a small pond with goldfish, backyard ideas to Feng Shui homes, simple backyard landscaping, and garden design ideas

7. Feng Shui plants require special attention. Plants and flowers will add colors and aroma to your backyard garden. Planting flowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees per Bagua color theory will create more balanced backyard landscaping ideas and add harmony and beauty to your garden design.

Each plant generates, uses, and stores energy. To balance energy flow, each area of ​​your garden or backyard should have a particular color palette, created with your favorite plants and flowers.

Contemporary backyard landscaping ideas, swimming pool, waterfall, white flowers to Feng Shui homes

8. Backyard landscaping specialists and Feng Shui practitioners recommend using white flowers that add a splash of fresh light color and balance the monochromatic green garden design.

9. Large trees should be planted away from a house. Large trees trap the energy flowing into a home and send it to their roots. Trees and shrubs are excellent backyard landscaping ideas. They make a natural fence and protect the front yard, backyard, and garden.

The wooden arch bridge, rocks, plants, a small pond with goldfish, and backyard landscaping ideas to Feng Shui homes

10. Proportions are essential in the Feng Shui garden design. Very tall trees may destroy the balance and harmony in your garden.  Plant trees and shrubs with a slight height difference to enjoy exciting and pleasing to the eyes backyard landscaping.

Good Feng Shui design, a small pond with goldfish, various trees and bushes in the Chinese garden

11. Garden decorations, patio furniture, and beautiful objects in your garden make backyard landscaping ideas more comfortable, personal, and inviting, creating a relaxing garden atmosphere. The sound of murmuring water soothes and calms, and bamboo wind chimes hanging in your garden evoke pleasant memories and help relax.

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