38 Innovative and Gorgeous Approaches to Crafting a Verdant Oasis in a Small Garden

Connecting with nature brings many health benefits. Even in limited spaces… a small garden can be a real oasis of calm and beauty. If you are thinking of making a green corner in your house or apartment, you have come to the right place. Follow tips to create a warm environment, as well as projects full of greenery and flowers.

The design varies from the choice of space to the decoration of the garden. Contact with plants is a very satisfying and even therapeutic activity. Plan your green getaway with the tips below.

First, study the area in which you will set up your garden. Observe the moments of greatest solar exposure, whether it is a drier or wetter site. With this information, you will have in mind which types of plants and flowers are best adapted to the environment. Also, decide what style of garden you want to create – with herbs, succulents, plants, flowers, etc.

If you don’t have enough space or live in an apartment, choose decorative pots or planters to set up your garden. Explore different prop sizes to create different levels by placing taller trees and foliage in the background. Containers should have drainage holes to prevent water from pooling.

One of the best solutions for those who have a small and narrow space is the vertical garden. Take advantage of walls and fences to grow climbing flowers. It is also worth betting on hanging shelves with various foliage and flowers. A steel screen or pallets are excellent support options for this design model.

Stones are great allies when it comes to decorating your corner, in addition to creating a beautiful contrast with the greenery and making the space even more beautiful. Create garden paths and choose small garden ornaments such as vases and sculptures. Depending on the available space, add a chair, a swing, or a garden bench.

It is possible to set up a garden on a budget. To save money and create a small garden on a budget, instead of buying mature plants, consider buying plants from cuttings or bulbs. Seeds are also an economical alternative. Keep them well to avoid pests and diseases.

When choosing garden plants, consider the needs of each species, such as watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc. A green space makes the house more welcoming.

Even in limited spaces, you can have a magical little garden at home. Below, see various design and decoration projects in gardens, yards, corridors, balconies, and other small outdoor spaces.

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