45 Square Meters Tiny House Floor Plan

The entrance to the tiny house begins with a welcoming area. It is a space that opens directly inward through a door or an entrance hall. In this area, a shoe cabinet or shelf can be considered to take out the shoes of the visitors. There can also be practical storage areas, such as a clothes rack or hat rack, right next to the entrance.

Living Room and Living Area: After the entrance, there is a transition to the living room and sitting area of ​​the tiny house. This area usually includes basic seating arrangements such as a comfortable armchair or sofa, a coffee table, and a television. If possible, having the space have a large window or glass door allows natural light to diffuse through and creates a more spacious feel.

Kitchen: One of the most important parts of the tiny house is the kitchen. It is usually located right next to or in a corner of the hall. The kitchen can be equipped with basic utensils such as a sink, a stove, a refrigerator, and a microwave. There may also be upper and lower cabinets for storage. It is also important to leave enough space above the kitchen counter to provide workspace

Dining Area: A dining area that can be integrated with the kitchen can also be considered. This area usually consists of a table and chairs and provides a place where meals can be enjoyed. If space is limited, the table can be folded or multi-purpose

Bedroom: A tiny house needs to have a bedroom. This space can contain essential items such as a bed, a closet or wardrobe, and sometimes a desk. The bedroom should provide privacy and a comfortable space for sleeping.

Bathroom: The tiny house must have a bathroom inside. In this section, there can be a sink, a toilet, a shower, or a small bathtub. For practical storage options, consider adding bathroom cabinets or shelves.

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