55 Unique Backyard Decor Ideas to Try on a Budget

mix and match outdoor dining chairs around table
Molly Culver

Seating doesn’t have to be one-note. Designer Mary Patton mixed and matched wrought iron chairs, with bright yellow chairs situated at each head of the table.

outdoor table with viewAlyssa Rosenheck

To freshen up this Santa Barbara, CA, patio, Taylor Anne Bliss of Taylor Anne Interiors chose to anchor it with a striped umbrella. “A whimsical umbrella surrounded by a neutral palette gives life to any small patio space,” Bliss says.

outdoor gathering area with comfy chairs and round coffee table
Christian Durocher

For a cozy layout that sparks conversation, go for a round seating arrangement. Take note from Ryan and Kate Gross of Kate Anne Design and hang bamboo lanterns with dimmable bulbs to enhance the space.

backyard decorSara Ligorria-Tramp

Don’t let cool nights keep you inside. Gather around an outdoor fireplace or fire table with “all three sets of chairs facing inward,” says Christine Vroom of Christine Vroom Interiors.

outdoor "living" wall potted plants mounted on white brick wall woven patio furniture, wicker, rattan
Stephen Karlisch

Freshen up your patio by mounting potted plants to a blank wall, as interior designer Tori Rubinson does here. Pick a wall you can see easily from an outdoor seating area, then fill the pots with low-maintenance cascading plants or herbs.

outdoor living space, patio, deck, pool areaAMY BARTLAM

Lean into the summer season by arranging dining furniture right at the water’s edge. To create the ultimate retreat, choose pieces made of natural materials, like a weather-treated, all-wood table with chairs, that blend well with the surrounding greenery.

backyard cornhole game
Lauren Pressey

Invite loved ones to enjoy some friendly competition with a round of corn hole — but don’t skimp on decor. Pepper-in items like lanterns and a chic woven chair will come in handy for quick breaks when the games heat up.

outdoor patio with furnitureHaris Kenjar

Arrange seating in a way that encourages conversation, plus layer in tables for snacks and stools for extra seating. “The scale of furnishings helps dictate a sense of place and closeness,” says Tim Pfeiffer of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer.

outdoor living space with counter and bar stools
Brian Bieder Photography

You can build a simple outdoor bar on a budget from 4×4 wood pieces and a treated-lumber top. Inject pops of color, advises designer Maggie Griffin to “balance the expanse of wood tones and draw the eye from the interior of the home to the exterior living areas seamlessly.”

small backyard ideas foldable umbrella patioDavid Tsay

Encourage your guests to stay a while with cushioned dining chairs layered with throw pillows. Hang string lights above, so they can relax all evening.

pergola ideas open air wood


Whether it’s for a bit of shade or to establish an “outdoor room,” a pergola is a great way to elevate a backyard layout. Here, online landscape designer Yardzen uses a wood pergola in one half of the yard to designate a dining area.

outdoor living space with canopy bed in the gardenShaye Price

Design a dreamy spot for outdoor nappings, like this custom bed with a sheepskin topper. “We added the rattan seating on the opposite side along with an area rug to pull everything together for a relaxed outdoor living space,” says designer Tammy Price.

patio lights turned on at outdoor evening patio dinner party with pink champagne, charcuterie board and cheese platter
Jeff Wasserman

Whether it’s date night or an intimate family gathering, place a dining table in a quiet corner of your backyard. Then, hang some string lights to set the mood.

small backyard ideas paversmike garden

Create a natural flow by arranging distinct areas in the backyard, like a section for lounging, eating, drinking or playing games. Outdoor rugs are a great way to separate each zone.

backyard decorating ideas, outdoor bar station in porch setting
Mike Garten

Believe it or not, mirrors aren’t just for indoors. Dress a bare white wall with a stylish mirror for an instant makeover.

backyard decorating ideas, porch with white wicker furnitureEric Roth

There’s no reason why you can’t carry the aesthetic of your indoor living room straight outdoors. Comfortable seating, warm lighting and potted plants can do the trick.

backyard decorating ideas, outdoor space with string lights
Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Set the mood by draping simple string lights above your outdoor dining table. But don’t stop there — add even more warmth with an oversized rug, as seen in the home of Create & Cultivate’s Jaclyn Johnson.

backyard decorating ideas

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