7 Common Dish Garden Plant Name

Plants with the concept of garden dishes will make the home are very popular for limited places. Garden dishes will be popular so spectacular decorations in the balcony area, terrace or in a small part of the room. The garden design of the dish will complement the attractive visuals with the same needs of light, water and soil. Check out the visually appealing garden design below:

Tropical dishes garden

This first idea will come for those of you who like the tropical atmosphere in the room. Grouping in one container will be an interesting option. Such as aglaonema, palm, or nerve plant that has a cheerful color. Neat shape like an island that can provide a more stylish corner of the room.

Cylindrical snake plant

The garden with the best dishes is the tropical concept that refreshes the room. Among them is with palm plants, cylindrical snake plants that are typical with ripe green leaves and added fresh. Place in one container like this will appear to be wounding in the room.


Pothos is a collection of ornamental plants that become interesting and durable dishes. Even in xterm conditions, this plant is still beautiful with its growing vines and beautiful green color. The variety of yellow, green, white colors will be mixed into one in different varieties.

Jade plant

The first garden dish that you may be able to make a choice is jade plants or crassula ovata. Plant with round, fleshy and full leaves. This plant needs maximum care and the plant likes full sunlight. There is not much risk when caring for this  plant at home.

Oxalis triangularis

Dominant with a purplish red color, this oxalis triangularis ornamental plant has easy growth and low maintenance. The leaves from like butterflies and grow clustered in one area. Therefore, this plant is very suitable so a plant with an alluring dish.


Croton offers a cheerful and bright leaf color with an oblong leaf shape and a spear-like tip. The distinctive stripes on this croton plant have slight patches. Quite a lot of varieties of this croton plant will be suitable if it is used as a large dish plant.

Panda plant

Panda plant is a combined plant of kalanchoe that can be a delicious dish plant, attracting the eye. The distinctive leaves are thick and hairy and covered in small hair has a variety of colors that are quite a lot. Included in the type of succulents with beautiful varieties, you do not need to worry if this plant is rarely flushed.

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