7 Front Yard Garden with Spilled Pots Ideas

Designing a landscape with flowers pots is an easy and fairly standard way of gardening to do. With interesting plantings, you can use spilled pots to get landscaping creativity at home in an interesting and full of imagination. You can see the arrangement for spilled pots in the following interesting ideas:

Place it with river rocks

Spilled flower pots will be interesting to be used as landscaping inspiration in front of the house. Accent hedges with rocks or bulkheads you adjust. Choose plants with different flowers colors for each spilled stream.

Irregular spill pot

Roll your pot into the ground for a charming front of the house. Various types of flowering shrubs will be the dancing prima donna. Even in the pot, there are still plant residues that cannot be spilled so that it looks attractive.

Let the pot flow spill with the type of plant

So that the landscape becomes more ideal and attractive, you can combine plants with other interesting flowers. Jallapa Mirabilis flowers will perfectly fill pots from growing to other bush plants.

Make a spilled pot

It doesn’t have to be neat to design a spill pot with flowers and shrubs. You can even leave other plants planted next to the spilled pot as seen.

Fill with various kinds of flowers

You can add some interesting elements around the spilled pot to create a beautiful front yard design. The beautiful visuals of this type of flower plant have beautiful colors with the addition of  flow of water that can be sprayed at any time to make watering easier.

Make distance with soil layer

The idea of a spilled pot with soil that is not full in this pot is a little different. Interesting ideas will also look very beautiful using flower plants that are spaced apart, meaning that when they are large and grow tall, these plant can create a plant plot.

Combine with the path

Create a unique impression using a spilled pot in the middle of the path. A mix of ground cover with grave and paths provides an attractive stepping stone with spilled pots filled with ornamental plants.

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