88 Square Meters Aesthetic Design House

This elegant and stylish 88-square-meter home is the perfect example of modern design and aesthetics. With its well-thought-out planning and details, it transforms living spaces into not only functional but also eye-catching works of art.

The house creates a spacious feeling based on a large open-plan concept. A modern and minimalist approach has been adopted and natural light is provided by the use of light colors and natural materials. Large windows add a modern twist to the overall design of the house while increasing the flow of natural light inside.

The living room, living room, and kitchen areas come together harmoniously, creating a social atmosphere. Complete with stylish furniture, elegant patterns, and carefully selected accessories, these spaces offer a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, thanks to the open plan, you can easily accompany your guests and have a pleasant time.

In this 88-square-meter house, smart storage solutions used to combine functionality and aesthetics draw attention. Invisible shelves, built-in cabinets, and drawers offer hidden spaces to store your belongings while maintaining the overall order of the home. Thus, a minimalist look is achieved, while living spaces remain tidy and spacious.

The bedroom is a home of relaxation and peace. Simplicity, soft colors, and natural textures create a calm atmosphere in the room. A large bed, a comfortable sitting area, and a useful wardrobe bring functionality to the fore while providing an aesthetic integrity.

The bathroom blends into the rest of the house with its modern design. A luxurious shower cabin, a stylish sink, and carefully selected fixtures make your daily bathroom routines enjoyable. Natural light and low-profile lighting create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

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