A beautiful, contemporary and memorable home

The beauty of a white two-story house It is very eye-catching to those who see it. An elegant house The atmosphere around is good. There is garden decoration. The swimming pool is neat. It also hides warmth. Relax deeply within. Light gray roof When combined with the house decorated with white SHERA wood walls Created beautifully and impressively Contemporary in appearance is a charm that is difficult to fade. And when well taken care of This white two-story house will remain beautiful for a long time.

The house has a slightly raised floor. To make it look more dimensional The first floor is the common area, designed in an open plan, open and spacious. The floor is covered with dark brown wood. Paint the walls light blue. White from the window frames, doors and moldings perfectly complements the gentleness. The living corner is carpeted with a checkered pattern, dark green, light green, various shades make it more lively. A set of gray sofas is placed facing each other. Rounded wooden center table Although it looks strong, it has a delicacy that goes well with other pieces of furniture.

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