A Fascinating Mountaintop Log Cabin with Elegance Interior

This Fascinating log cabin is gorgeous and high and is located a few distance from the main log cabin, where you will find the Fox Hill Samp. You have a few different options on how to get there, so choose wisely.

The Log Cabin Exterior

This rustic log cabin home in Paint Bank, Virginia, which is situated in the neighborhood of the Depot log cabin and located on Little Mountain and is a part of the log cabin and is placed there, has enough room for up to four people to sleep and is a part of the log cabin. 

Fascinating log cabin

Before you truly fall head over heels in love with the Fox Hill Farm, you won’t have time to give it a second thought since you won’t have time Logs were employed in the construction of this charming log cabin. The Ponderosa log cabin may be found on the side of Potts Creek, if one looks closely enough.

Despite its location in a very isolated region of the country, the log cabin is just about a five-minute walk from the log cabin, which may be accessed on foot.

All The Features Of the Log Cabin

You will discover a lovely sleeping loft that is fully equipped with a bed that is the size of a king on the second story of the building in which the building is located.

Fascinating log cabin

As a result of the fact that the sofa in the downstairs great room can be transformed into a bed for an additional child or adult, it is an ideal space for hosting a larger group of people.

This chamber may be found on the first floor of the building. It is assumed that the inhabitants’ comfort and privacy will be maintained at all times because this building has two bathrooms, one on each level, both of which are fully functioning. At any point during the day, you are welcome to make use of these booths.

Fascinating log cabin

In addition, there is a direct phone connection, two televisions with flat screens, a gas log stove, an adjacent eating area, a fully equipped kitchen with all of the required tools, and stunning views from either the front porch or the back porch of the log cabin, depending on which porch you choose to sit on. Additionally, there is an adjacent eating area. In addition to it, there is a dining room just next to it.


The Inside

This luxurious саƄin with a wood-burning fireplace is perfect for family groups and will coмfortaƄly sleep six. The upstairs bedroom features a king bed, a sleeping loft (single plus trundle), and a full bathroom.

Fascinating log cabin

The downstairs contains a queen size Ƅedrooм and an additional full bathroom. The саƄin is wonderfully appointed with a living room rooм, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and laundry room.

Both of the porches are fully furnished offering unbelievable views of the мountains. Along the creek is a fігe pit for roasting мarshмallows and a hammock for your afternoon nap.

Fishing packages are available through Pott’s Creek Outfitters and please note there is an additional fee for fishing at the саƄin. There is a minimum 2-night stay at the Creekside log саƄin.

About The Log Cabin

The main log cabin in the complex. This 1909 railroad depot was renovated into a contemporary dwelling in 2009, and it features a master suite, a shared living area, and nicely designed rooms. This property is like taking a trip back in time.

Log Cabin

The railroad station was constructed in 1909. The utilization of rustic décor is what generates the feeling of antiquity in the room. Glamorous sampling.

The go-get has three luxuriously appointed glamping tents that provide visitors with one-of-a-kind overnight experiences. These tents are ideal for guests who want to enjoy the great outdoors while still having access to a wide range of conveniences and a high degree of comfort.

Log Cabin

In addition to its full inventory of these products, the Paint Bank General Store carries a wide variety of things, including but not limited to the following groceries, petrol, buffalo meat, penny candy, soda, beer, and wine.

The top level provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience by allowing them to traverse a swinging bridge and see our animal show while a bubbling brook is in the background. In addition to the many different gift selections that they provide, they also have a Christmas shop that is open throughout the whole year.

The Property

Tinglers Mill is the name of the location in dispute here. Tinglers Mill is a water-powered grain mill that is picture-perfect and can be found concealed in plain sight behind the Paint Bank General Store.

This old mill was built somewhere in the 18th century. During your vacation, you will have several opportunities to walk outdoors and see the pig wheel in operation. One of those opportunities will come at some time.

Log Cabin

You should look forward to having a good time with this activity. By descending the stone stairs that go to the mill pond, you will be able to provide food for the trout that are located there.

Every weekend, beginning in the spring and continuing until the end of October, the mill will offer demonstrations and will invite local artisans to set up shop there and sell their creations. This will continue until the end of the year. On top of Hollow Hill is where you’ll find this property.

You are going to fall hopelessly in love with the Pure American Buffalo farm as soon as you set foot on the property. In addition to marketing animals, the farm also sells breeding stock.

Located on Route 600, it provides a connection between the two states of Virginia and West Virginia by passing through both states.

Log Cabin

The Dragon’s Tooth trailhead and the Cherokee Flats trailhead are two of the numerous access sites to the Appalachian Trail that can be found in the surrounding region.

Both of these trailheads are located in Cherokee County. You may reach either of these gates by traveling roughly 20 miles along Route 311 or Route 600, depending on which route you choose to take.

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