A nice house plan with two floors that you will fall in love with at first sight


Cuteness is a charm that can catch the eye and attract the attention of those who see it. This two-story house is the same. With cuteness from outside appearance It is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to look at. The color tone is just right. Not too much, not too little. A small white fence surrounds the house. The garden is planted with sweet colored flowers. with green grass In the middle of the area is a walkway leading directly to the door of the house. He didn’t even have time to step inside. Feel the warmth and relaxation through your eyes. For this house, the usable area is approximately 84 square meters. The house construction budget starts at 950,000 baht, not including interior decoration.

The two-story Cottage House is not only full of cuteness. clearness Openness and comfort are found in every corner of the house. The brown wood floor is pleasant to the touch. Spotless white walls Glass doors and windows are great skylights. Wooden furniture gives a feeling of being closer and closer to nature. So it’s not surprising. If you have seen the design of this beautiful house. There will be symptoms of falling in love unexpectedly.

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