Amazing pelargonium flower arrangements for garden flowerbeds and containers

Pelargonium plants are a genus of herbaceous and mostly evergreen perennials. Pelargoniums are native to southern Africa and grow well in desert and mountainous areas. These flowering plants are often grown as houseplants in window boxes and hanging baskets.

Geraniums are one of the most popular balcony and garden flowers in this country as they do not require a lot of care and flower all summer long. Geraniums flower in the widest variety of colors: From white to pink, red and purple: all the colors are possible. The flowers on umbels are often two-tone or patterned with stripes or dark speckles. The variety ‘Mosaic Purple’, for example, has beautiful striped and speckled petals. Geraniums require cooler nights in order to continue flowering until the frost – this applies in particular for Regal Geraniums.

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