Balancing Minimalism and Eclecticism: A Unique Town & Country Living Room

Winter is typically associated with organizing the home and decluttering spaces. It feels good to purge your house of unnecessary after the abundance of Christmas. Today’s minimalist living room proves that a breathable space can be quite pretty.

Minimalist living room with white fireplace and fiddle leaf fig

The all-white fireplace feels serene and gets a bit of texture from the brick tile trim and stacked logs. Modern artwork on the mantel is easily swapped out. Curtain rods are placed high to create the illusion of taller windows.

White fireplace filled with logs in living room

Roses in a vase and sprigs of eucalyptus add a bit of nature on the coffee table and are neatly corralled in a serving tray.

Flowers on a table by the fireplace in minimalist living room

Blue pillows on the accent chairs lend color while a white faux fur throw adds a layer of texture. The wooden arms of the chair add a bit of warmth to the white cushions.

Roses on a wooden table in boho chic living room

A faux log stump acts as small end table between the chairs. It gives the room a bit of natural appeal. Plus it’s an unexpected touch.

Minimalist Style Living Room in Boho Chic Decor

A large fiddle leaf fig tree also provides an element of nature and texture to the minimalist living room and is prospering quite well next to the large arched window. I tried growing one of these once but it didn’t do so well. I’d try again except I’ve got my eye out for a citrus tree instead.

Minimalist living room with white fireplace and fiddle leaf fig

Mimicking the arched window is an arched doorway into the living room. The light fixture is rather simple but still has plenty of style.

Clean and Uncluttered Living Room in White and Gray

Oftentimes, the simplicity of decor in a home can be quite peaceful and serene. The addition of natural elements and texture in today’s living room keeps it from feeling cold and sterile.

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