Blooms of Immortality: Exploring the Allure of Bone Flowers

Florists may be on the hunt for a pot plant called the bone flower, scientifically known as Diphylleia Grayi. The cactus flower plant has the ability to change the color of its petals from white to transparent when watered. Through this article, Smart Garden will guide you how to grow cassava flowers in pots to add to your collection of unique flowers for the garden.

Bone flower

Bone flower – characteristics and geography

First, please do not confuse cactus flowers with cactus flowers. The cactus flower carries the influence of Eastern culture in movies. Originating from Japan, grows wild a lot in Honshu and Hokkaido provinces where there are many hollows and cliffs that shield and create shade for the tree.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant. The cassava tree loses its leaves in winter and blooms from May to July. The petals are intertwined to form a beautiful white umbrella. The miracle is that the water will change the petals of the skeleton flower from white to translucent. The cells of flower petals react to the humidity of the environment, creating an interesting phenomenon.

How to grow cactus flowers in pots

Cactus plants grown from root tubers can be 30 cm tall and spread up to 65 cm because the plant’s root tubers mainly grow horizontally. When choosing a pot, you can choose a bottom about 10 cm deep which is enough. Cactus flowers are very sensitive to light, so the plant is very suitable for growing indoors or in locations protected from strong sunlight during the middle of the day.

Bone flower

Plants need nutrients from humus from rotten branches and dry leaves, so you can choose substrate from sawdust and crushed coconut fiber. Poor tolerance to drought and waterlogging, so plant in a well-drained pot. When watering, it is best to use a handheld mist sprayer. You can water the plant 3 times a week.

Fertilizer for plants during the flowering period is also quite necessary. Cactus flowers need a little extra phosphorus in early April to start flowering. Use 10g of coffee grounds + 15g of crushed eggshells mixed in 200 ml of irrigation water, incubate for 24 hours, collect the water, spray on the roots and use for about 3 weeks. The tree does not require much care, so you will be quite comfortable.

How to grow cactus flowers in pots

The plant has a winter rest period, so avoid watering in November, December and through January, until temperatures warm up. Then cut the dry leaves to stimulate the plant to sprout new leaves faster.

Root division is an inevitable step when the tree matures. Mature cactus roots will spread horizontally and touch the pot wall. At this time, peel off to remove excess roots or divide the roots to grow new plants. After dividing the roots, use a clean plastic bag to bandage the cut to prevent bacteria and fungi from attacking and rotting the roots.

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