Brick wall house design next to a hill must show simplicity.

Before having a house, there is already vacant land and surrounding environment. Building a house therefore does not only consider the beauty of the house alone. Because of the surrounding context that existed before the house existed. It is also an important component that should be taken into account. Especially houses built amidst nature, large trees and beautiful views. Harmony is required. gentle and friendly To completely fill the house with perfection

But when thinking about materials that blend in with nature Many readers may only think of woodwork. Actually, “red brick” is a classic material that has been familiar for a long time. It is another material that is gentle. Warm and in harmony with nature, such as this one-story house next to a hill. Notice that the look and style of the house is very modern. The roof slopes towards each other. When adding red brick walls to the exterior walls Show off simple colors and lines. From being modern, it looks lighter and more relaxed than before

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