Caught In The Crossroads: The South African Safari Adventure Featuring A Lone Car, An Elephant, And A Lion Pride!

Imagine embarking on a safari journey to witness wildlife in their natural habitat. Now, picture being sandwiched between a herd of lions and an elephant – an experience one driver in South Africa’s Kruger National Park will never forget.

This extraordinary encounter occurred when a humble blue car was held captive by a dual roadblock: a massive elephant on one end and a dozen lions from the Vurhami pride lounging casually.


The nail-biting moment is when a pride of lions gazes at a small car, unable to move around them as it is trapped by a giant elephant behind. Source: Greatstock/Barcroft Media

Luckily, the driver was never at risk. They patiently awaited the elephant to lumber along before skillfully maneuvering around the lounging lions, illustrating the unexpected adventures that can occur during a safari.

These thrilling moments were captured by Stella Stewart, a 59-year-old housewife, in 2013, whose images have only recently surfaced to the public. Stella assured that the driver was never in peril despite the unusual scene.


The photographs of the incident were taken by a housewife in another vehicle who witnessed the scary encounter. Source: Greatstock/Barcroft Media

Stella explained, “Both the elephant and lions showed no aggression. This piqued my curiosity about how long the driver would need to wait for the lions to move.

The elephant didn’t spare the car a second look. However, the lions seemed rather cautious of the vehicle and the elephant. I’ve seen roadblocks created by lions and elephants, but this is the first seeing a car caught in between.”


Just lion around! The driver’s path is blocked by a dozen cats, part of the Vurhami pride, relaxing on the safari road. Source: Greatstock/Barcroft Media

Once the elephant gradually meandered off to the other side of the road, the unidentified driver adeptly steered around the lion pride, avoiding disturbing their relaxation time and continuing their unforgettable safari journey.

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