Charming beautiful house Attractive design Makes you feel comfortable.

Unbelievable how simple it is. It will make this house very livable. Design that emphasizes special eye comfort Gable roof, white painted walls, and some parts of the house are decorated with wood. Blue window frames, green doors, splashes of color in some areas. create cuteness It’s worth looking at without getting bored. And it’s not just the outside that’s worth looking at. The inside of the house is equally pleasant to live in and look at.

White remains the main color of the house as well as the exterior. Brightness and cleanliness of white Makes the inside of the house shine and feel light and comfortable. In the living corner, place a gray sofa close to the wall in the middle between the glass windows. blue floor rug Place a wooden center table and two armchairs on either side. Potted plants add freshness It’s a very relaxing sitting corner

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