Conversion of an Unattractive Area into a Tiny Home

How cheap can you find a stylish tiny house?

Feliz Lucas, a member of the Facebook group Home Buddies, achieved this. This tiny house, which he built with a very small budget, highly encourages living a minimal life.

The walls of the small building, which was previously built for the purpose of a warehouse, were made of gray bricks and it looked very outdated. This old and dirty area of ​​30 square meters has been transformed into a magnificent tiny house with a great imagination.

Feliz Lucas designed the space he calls “Valeo tiny house” as a single room. He plastered the building’s moldy façade and interior walls and painted it with a heartwarming white paint.

She built a small patio in front of the building where guests can enjoy their coffee. The tables and chairs placed on the patio are quite modern and stylish.

While building this tiny house, he removed the old wooden door on the side and replaced it with a huge window that allowed plenty of sunlight to come in. He took the entrance of the tiny house to the front. The glass sliding door it puts at the entrance is very practical.

Outdoor Area

The previously covered bush roof of this tiny house has been completely removed, replacing it with a luxurious terrace surrounded by glass balustrades. The terrace has greatly expanded the usage area of ​​the house.

A lot of attention was paid to the economy when this tiny house was being built. Most of the materials used became recycled materials. For example, the glass used in the window is reserved for disposal. The furniture inside the house, on the other hand, was purchased from Lucas’ father’s coffee shop and discount stores.

Living Room

Wood tones were chosen in order to contrast the furniture of the house with the white. The floors of the tiny house were again covered with ceramics of coffee tones.

In addition, a corner of this tiny house was separated by a wooden sliding door and a toilet and sink section was made.

This tiny house is the best proof of what human imagination can achieve. If you have such an obsolete warehouse around, why not?

If you want to rent the space located near the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, you can message the owner’s Facebook page Balara Content Studio.

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