Découvrez le taureau qui inspire la crainte chez les lions, les jaguars et les ours : il est de couleur rose, possède de longues cornes et un corps impressionnant.

Although there is no need to participate in animal fitness centers , green cows can still possess a muscular body like bodybuilders.
Introducing cows with "terrible" muscles like athletes 1
The giant body of the Belgian blue cow breed.
Green cow is a breed of cow originating from Belgium. This is a hybrid cow with very developed muscles, especially the rump. While bulls weigh between 800 – 1,100kg, cows are also around 600 – 700kg.
Introducing cows with "terrible" muscles like athletes 2
Muscles develop, especially the buttocks.
With a characteristic muscular appearance, Belgian blue cows are also likened to giant super cows.
Introducing cows with "terrible" muscles like athletes 3
Strong and voluptuous muscles make people even jealous.
Compared to the common cow, the Belgian blue cow has 40% more muscle development than normal. In addition, they also grow very quickly and are capable of producing high-protein milk.
Introducing cows with "terrible" muscles like athletes 4
This is a breed of cow that provides a rich source of protein.
Although possessing a muscular body that makes people jealous, if it is too developed, it turns into a disease of muscle hyperplasia in cows. This is a disease that causes the growth of abnormal cells in the muscle rather than causing the body to enlarge.
Introducing cows with "terrible" muscles like athletes 5
It is known that the name green cow is derived from the characteristic blue stripe of this cow. However, stripes can appear in a variety of colors from white to black.
Introducing cows with "terrible" muscles like athletes 6
However, muscle growth can complicate bovine hyperplasia.

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