Design of a Log Cabin, Chimney Rock

  • Hello everyone. Today I will introduce you to Chimney Rock, Log Cabin Design, located in Bryson City, North Carolina, United States.

    Chimney Rock, Log Cabin Design is a beautiful three-story wooden cabin peacefully hidden by the mountain. This cabin has two decks with unique views of the forest. The top floor of the ground floor is equipped with a hot tub, open-air bistro-style dining table and comfortable armchairs. The lower deck is equipped with even more seating for you to enjoy the view.

    Let’s take a look at the interior details of this impressive cabin. As in its counterparts, the resting area, kitchen and dining area are designed in the same space in this log cabin. You can relax by the fireplace and have pleasant conversations.

    The fully equipped kitchen is capable of meeting all your needs. The kitchen cabinets and the accessories used reflect the same features as the interior texture of the log cabin.

    The log cabin, designed as three floors, has a bedroom on each floor. There is a double bed on the first floor and on the ground floor, and two single beds in the attic.

    There is a jacuzzi on the porch facing the rear of the cabin. Here you can enjoy the view while you relax and relieve all the tiredness of the day.

    Right next to the cabin, there is a fire pit where you can have fun at night by the fire.

    Chimney Rock, Log Cabin Design offers great hiking trails and the opportunity to visit 3 beautiful waterfalls. Harrahs Casino, Oconaluftee River hiking trails and tubing, popular Mingo and Soco waterfalls, and Sequoyah National Golf Course are about 15 minutes away in Cherokee, NC. You can also reach Almond Boat Dock on Lake Fontana for some great swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing options in about 20-25 minutes.

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