Discover 15 Gorgeous Blooms Beginning wιth the Letter “H”

There are many beautiful Flowers that Start with H, and we have included the beautiful blooms from all across the world in this list.

Flowers that Start with H

1. Hebe


Botanical Name: Hebe

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Midsummer to Mid-Autumn

Also called the ‘Showy Speedwell’, Hebe belongs to New Zealand’s largest plant genus and has over 90 species. It grows best in bright and indirect light.

2. Hibiscus


Botanical Name: Hibiscus

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Mid to Late Summer

With over hundreds of species, Hibiscus belongs to the genus of flowering plants from the mallow family Malvaceae. It comes in plenty of colors to suit every taste!

3. Heavenly Bamboo


Botanical Name: Nandina domestica

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late Summer

Heavenly Bamboo is also called Nandina, Nandina Domestica, or Sacred Bamboo. This species of flowering plant comes from the Himalayas in Eastern Asia to Japan.

4. Hellebore


Botanical Name: Helleborus

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late winter

Hellebore belongs to the Ranunculaceae family and is also called Winter Rose. It displays huge, rose-like cup-shaped flowers in shades of pink.

5. Hepatica


Botanical Name: Hepatica

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Early Spring until Mid-Spring

Hepatica Nobilis belongs to the genus of perennials in the buttercup family. It grows in fertile woodlands and produces blue, white, and lavender flowers.

6. Highbush Blueberry


Botanical Name: Vaccinium corymbosum

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late Summer until Fall

This North American blueberry species belongs to the United States and eastern Canada. The plant features clusters of droopy white flowers.

7. Hollyhock


Botanical Name: Alcea

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Midsummer to Early Fall

It is also popular as Alcea Rosea and comes in pink, blue, red, yellow, purple, white, and black hues. The most common Hollyhock bears red-colored flowers.

8. Honeysuckle


Botanical Name: Lonicera

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring through Summer

Honeysuckle is a twining vine or an arching shrub belonging to the Caprifoliaceae family. There are around 180 species identified in Eurasia and North America.

9. Horned Violet

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Botanical Name: Viola cornuta

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring to Summer

Also known as Viola Cornuta, Horned Violet is a flowering species belonging to the Violaceae family. It usually blooms in cooler weather and is available in various colors.

10. Honesty


Botanical Name: Lunaria annua

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring, Summer until Fall

Honesty is also famous as Lunaria Annua or Annual Honesty, belonging to southwest Asia and the Balkans. The name refers to the seed pods that look like moon.

11. Hosta


Botanical Name: Hosta

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer to fall

Hosta is an easy-to-grow perennial that loves shade and is highly valued by many gardeners for its attractive foliage and elegance. It also grow stunning blooms!

12. Hydrangea


Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer until Fall

Hydrangea flower’s color could be changed from pink to blue by modifying the pH levels of the soil. While a pH between 6 and 7, changes the flowers into bluish-pink or purple.

If the soil is alkaline with a pH value of 7 and above, it produces red and pink Hydrangeas.

13. Hooker’s Orchid Cactus

Botanical Name: Epiphyllum hookeri

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring, Summer

Hooker’s Orchid Cactus bears a loose mass of flat, long, strappy foliage in a lovely sculptural shape. Interestingly, the flower blooms only during the night and closes by morning.

14. Hummingbird’s Mint


Botanical Name: Agastache cana

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Midsummer to Fall

Hummingbird’s Mint is also called Hyssop or Agastache. It bears flowers in shades of raspberry or rose pink that are very attractive to hummingbirds.

15. Hyacinth


Botanical Name: Hyacinth Orientalis

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring

Hyacinth bears flowers in blue, white, or pink shades with a strong fragrance. It belongs to the small genus of spring-blooming, bulbous perennials—Hyacinthus.

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