Enchanting Beauty Captured in Captivating Images of Colorful Mushroom Species


Jill Bliss is a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of skills and interests. She is an artist, naturalist, educator, farmer, caretaker, and deckhand. Her home is on a small island in the Salish Sea located in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2012, she made the decision to sell her house and most of her belongings to relocate to an island and connect with nature after a busy career as a designer in New York and San Francisco. Utilizing a variety of vibrant wild fungi, she transforms them into stunning arrangements and photographs them for her project called Nature Medleys. Check out some of our favorite pieces below. You can follow the artist on Instagram and find much of her work available for purchase in her online shop.

Bliss has invested all of her life savings into purchasing a modest half-acre of cleared land on a small island that has 30 full-time households, where she plans to spend the rest of her days living in tune with nature. She enjoys satisfying her nomadic lifestyle by inhabiting various off-grid cabins on small islands, preferably with wild animals and semi-feral people as neighbors, mentors, and muses. During these months, she hibernates, reflects, observes discreet moments in nature, creates art, sleeps, reads, cooks, chops wood, stocks wood stove fires, hikes, and kayaks in the rain.
















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