Escape The City And Find Bliss In This Rustic-Luxe Mountain Cabin

You’ll fall in love with the Fox Hill Cabin, uphill from the main lodge in Paint Bank is the Fox Hill Camp. Located on Little Mountain, at the Depot Lodge in Paint Bank, Virginia this rustic cabin sleeps up to four people. Upstairs you’ll find a charming sleeping loft with a king-sized bed. The downstairs great room offers a queen size sleeper sofa, perfect for the kids or additional guests. Two full bathrooms, one on each level, ensure privacy and convenience for all. There is a fully appointed kitchen, an adjacent dining area, a gas log stove, two flat-screen TVs, a direct phone line, and spectacular views from the front or back porch.

Ponderosa Log Cabin. In a secluded location, just 5 minutes from the Depot Lodge, is the Ponderosa log cabin located on Potts Creek. This luxurious cabin with a wood-burning fireplace is perfect for family groups and will comfortably sleep six. The upstairs bedroom features a king bed, a sleeping loft (single plus trundle), and a full bathroom. The downstairs contains a queen size bedroom and an additional full bathroom. The cabin is wonderfully appointed with a living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and laundry room. Both of the porches are fully furnished offering unbelievable views of the mountains. Along the creek is a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and a hammock for your afternoon nap. Fishing packages are available through Pott’s Creek Outfitters and please note there is an additional fee for fishing at the cabin. There is a minimum 2-night stay at the Creekside Cabin

Main Lodge. A step back in time, this 1909 restored train depot 1909 offers modern lodging including a main suite, a common sitting room, and beautifully appointed rooms. The rustic decor delivers the feel of yesteryear. Glamorous Camping. The property has three lavishly appointed Glamping tents that deliver unique lodging experiences for Campers who want amenities and luxury while they enjoy the great outdoors. The Paint Bank General Store offers groceries, gasoline, and a full line of buffalo meat, penny candy, soda, beer, and wine. Upstairs offers a unique shopping experience where you can cross a swinging bridge and admire our wildlife display, complete with a babbling brook. In addition to the many gift offerings, they have a year-round Christmas shop.

Tinglers Mill. Tinglers Mill is a scenic, water-powered grist mill that is located behind the Paint Bank General Store. During your vacation stay you can walk out back to see the big wheel turning. Take the stone stairs to the mill pond where you can feed the trout. The mill hosts crafters selling their wares and holding demonstrations every weekend from early spring until late fall. Hollow Hill Farm. You’ll be sure to love the Pure American Buffalo farm, offering breeding and market stock. Located on Route 600 Virginia and West Virginia. Hiking trails in the area include two entrances to the Appalachian Trail, Dragon’s Tooth and Cherokee Flats, which are located approximately 20 miles away on Route 311 or Route 600

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