Fantastic Log Cabin Slemmer Is A Beautiful And Moderately Easy

People who are looking for a functional cabin that has a more traditional feel to it will find that the log cabin Slemmer, which is a great log cabin that is on the simpler side, is a fantastic option for them. You can access

Some of the attractive qualities that this property possesses include a stone foundation, a garage that is separate from the log cabin, and a covered patio that is located on the back of the home.

The fact that this home has a walkout basement in addition to a patio that is covered in the roof makes it one of the features of the log cabin that we value the most and is one of the reasons why we purchased it.

Because the bedroom that is located on the basement level is not counted against the overall square footage, you may consider it an added benefit that does not come at any additional cost.

This is because the square footage of the bedroom that is located on the basement level is not included.

As you approach the front of the home from the driveway, there is a garage located on the right-hand side of the driveway.

The garage and the main level of the home are joined by a simple breezeway that runs through the middle of the building.

It is a wonderful addition to the area because it eliminates the need to worry about getting wet whenever you enter or depart the garage.

As a result, it makes it easy to enter or exit the garage even when inclement weather is present, which is one of the many reasons why it is so beneficial.

Because there are times when we have to bring groceries inside the log cabin but it unexpectedly starts raining, we are grateful for this.

As you can see in the illustration that follows, the stairwell that leads both upstairs and downwards is located in a handy central spot because this particular log cabin is composed of three floors, the lowest of which is a basement.

 Although the image that can be viewed below does not show a great deal, it does give you an idea of how open the log cabin is.

From the loft, you have a clear view of the living space on the main level, as well as the area that is more frequently referred to as the “great room.”

This wall has several windows that let in natural light and provide a wonderful view of the back of the property as well as the open back deck. The windows are located on this side of the wall.

Both the kitchen and the dining room can be found directly below the landing of the loft, which can be found directly behind the living space.

We are in awe of how open this room is, with the dining area in the foreground and the kitchen, which includes an island with a burner, and a bar, in the centre below, which acts as both storage and an eating nook.

We admire how this room flows together so beautifully. In addition, we like the fact that the bar may also be used as a storage place.

In our opinion, the fact that the kitchen has such a great quantity of counter space available to use is a significant plus.

In addition to the bedroom that can be found on the floor above the main living area, there is an additional bedroom that can be found on the floor below.

log cabin

This bright and open area, which keeps the same design approach through the bedroom as you’d find in the rest of the log cabin, is one of our absolute favorites in the whole log cabin. Along with that, some windows offer a view of the surrounding countryside.

It is very convenient to have a half bathroom in the hallway because it can be used for both regular day-to-day activities and for the usage of guests.

log cabin

The fact that it has a sizable linen closet that can be used for additional storage and serves a practical purpose is one of our favorite aspects of this property.

The master bathroom is without a doubt lovely, and it features a tiled open shower that is enclosed by a glass door that is positioned just inside the entrance door.

log cabin

The master bedroom comes completely furnished with its very own separate spa area that is reserved just for the occupant’s usage.

A second living room can be found in the lower part of the basement, which has been renovated into that space.

A wood fire can be found in one of the corners, and sliding doors offer access to the patio and the backyard behind the home.

log cabin

It is a huge open space that has the potential to operate as a second family room, cinema room, guest suite, or game room for children. These are all possibilities.

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