High Ceilings in a Cozy Tiny House

The worsening global economy is forcing people to take more precautions. The cost of living in a big house is increasing and people are looking for ways to live more minimally.

This can serve as inspiration for a tiny and minimal life
If you have such an idea in mind and are thinking of owning a tiny house; the tiny house we will introduce to you today can be your source of inspiration.

The 383 square feet tiny house is made entirely of wood. The use of lightweight materials has enabled the tiny house to be built on simple foundations. This simplicity provides great advantages both economically and in terms of time.

With a large veranda
The tiny house welcomes you with a big veranda. You reach the veranda with a few steps of wooden stairs. The veranda, covered with water-resistant wood, is very simple for now. There are many things to imagine and realize on the veranda.

Big doors that let the daylight in
The entrance doors of the tiny house open onto the veranda. The large, glazed swing doors at the front have a modern design. They also serve an important function in letting in daylight. On the side, there is another, more modest, tiny entrance door with the same design.

The high ceiling creates a large volume.
The tiny house consists of two parts, a single room, and a mezzanine. It also has a full bathroom.

Once inside, the high ceilings create an incredibly large volume. The first thing you see is the living area. There is a two-seater sofa and a wooden table that can be used as a dining or worktable.  There is also a bookcase and a console with two doors.

The mezzanine gives the house an extra width.
You reach the mezzanine via a movable metal staircase. This section, which also has metal railings, is designed to be used as a sleeping area. This section, where a double bed can easily fit, is very bright thanks to the many windows on the side.

Under the mezzanine is a small kitchen area. A small electric stove and oven are enough for daily meals. The kitchen cupboards can accommodate many kitchen utensils.

The back of the kitchen is dedicated to the bathroom. The marble patterned tiles of the bathroom are in harmony with the white wood. It is reminiscent of a classic farmhouse bathroom.  The bathroom, which has a large shower area, also has good lighting.

The tiny house is a joint project of Noble Johnson Architecture and Huseby Homes. The tiny house was exhibited for a while at Cheekwood, the Nashville botanical garden, and then sold at auction.

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