Holiday Decorating Tips for Those Who Do Not Celebrate

1. Pretty Pinecones

Decorators who are aiming for a woodsy, natural aesthetic can easily DIY garlands using dried fruit or foraged materials, but those who are less crafty have plenty of commercially produced options to choose from. This pinecone garland measures 55 inches long and features a variety of different pieces for a more organic look.

2. Ingenious Icicles

Whether you live somewhere that experiences snowy weather or not, it’s always possible to harness the magic of winter by decorating with faux icicles. These ornaments come in a pack of six, and while they can be hung on a tree, they would also make great winter window decorations. Each set includes three 3.5-inch icicles and three 5.5-inch icicles.

3. Fabulous Flameless Candles

Nothing transforms a space like candlelight, but not everyone is comfortable burning real candles in their homes. Not only do they pose a safety risk, but replacing them frequently can be a nuisance. That’s where flameless candles come in. They’re perfectly safe, and while the batteries do need to be replaced periodically, these flameless candles are, in the long run, still a more economical choice than traditional wax candles.

4. Beautiful Birch Candle Holders

For those who do prefer to opt for real candles, this set of candle holders from Etsy is an excellent—and festive—choice. They come in a set of three, and each one accommodates a standard tea light. Constructed from genuine birch tree logs, these decorative accessories give off a rustic flair that’s perfect for celebrating the winter season.

5. Gorgeous Garlands

While decorative garlands are often associated with Christmas, they needn’t be used to celebrate any particular holiday. Investing in a faux garland like this one means it can be used for years to come. Measuring six feet in length and adorned with pine cones and red berries, a garland like this one will add a pop of color to any room of the home.

6. Natural Norfolk Pine

While it would be easy to assume that Norfolk island pine is a pine tree, it’s actually a tropical plant native to Oceania. It still, however, has the look of a coniferous tree, making it a perfect choice for winter home decor. Norfolk island pine plants like humidity and shouldn’t be kept near a heater or in drafty areas.

7. Cheerful Citrus Garland

Citrus garlands are a classic winter decoration that have been used for generations. While it’s possible to DIY them, those without the time or skill will appreciate these pre-made versions from Etsy. They come in five lengths, each featuring natural dried oranges. They’re a great choice for eco-conscious decorators because they’re completely biodegradable.

8. Brilliant Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle brush trees are a classic, vintage Christmas decoration, but they needn’t be associated with the holiday. This five-pack from Etsy features trees of varying heights and colors, for an eclectic look. While many commercially available bottle brush trees are constructed with synthetic materials, these ones are made with natural sisal.

9. Charming Centerpieces

You don’t need to be hosting a holiday feast to justify adorning the dining table with a beautiful centerpiece. This one from Etsy features a rustic design with a distressed wood base that’s available in a variety of finishes. The base is topped with three mason jars, each of which holds winter greenery or berries, depending on the shopper’s preference.

10. Outdoor Decor

Decorating for winter doesn’t need to be relegated to a home’s interior. There are plenty of fun ideas for outdoor winter decorations that don’t involve inflatable Santas. Filling an existing planter with evergreen boughs—real or artificial—makes a major impact, allowing visitors to get into the spirit of the season before they’re even through the threshold.

11. Awe-Inspiring Antiques

There are countless newly made products available for people looking for non-Christmas winter decorations, but shoppers can also seek out vintage treasures either in person or online. Antique finds make for wonderful decorations that can be used year after year—and can even be passed down through the generations. Those seeking winter wall decor ideas should consider hanging a pair of antique snowshoes like these from Etsy to bring a touch of rustic winter decor into a space.

12. Stunning Starburst Lights

Strings of twinkly lights may be associated with Christmas, but they also undeniably brighten up any indoor or outdoor space. For a slight variation, try out a string of starburst lights like these from Etsy. Each strand features 150 LED mini lights, and shoppers can choose from either a copper or silver string.

13. Fantastic Fireplace Garlands

Anyone lucky enough to have a fireplace or mantle in their home knows how incredible they look when decorated for the winter season. One popular choice for adorning a mantle is using real or faux greenery to create a swag or garland. Opt for a longer garland for an opulent look or a shorter garland for a more traditional look.

14. Wonderful Wreaths

Whether they’re used to decorate a front door or a spot in a home’s interior, wreaths are classic Christmas decorations that work just as well for cozy winter home decor. Shoppers have plenty of options to choose from, but this pick from Etsy stands out because it’s adorned with oranges and cranberries. Though it’s made from artificial materials, it does an excellent job of mimicking the real thing.

15. Seasonal Succulents

Succulents may be more closely associated with spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of natural winter arrangements. This option from Etsy features a combination of succulents and more traditional greenery. The shop recommends adding a 72-hour heat pack to any order shipping between December and March.

16. Cute Candy Cane Balls

You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy candy canes—or candy cane-themed decor. These handmade rag balls from Etsy are crafted with candy-striped fabric, and when placed in a decorative bowl, these are perfect for winter living room decor. They come in two sizes and are sold in sets of four, six, or eight balls.

17. Fantastic Electric Fireplaces

These days, fewer homes are built with wood-burning fireplaces, but luckily shoppers can recreate that classic, cozy atmosphere with an electric fireplace like this one from Wayfair. It’s designed to look like a built-in wood stove and features a realistic flame effect. On top of its appealing aesthetics, this model also features an adjustable thermostat and can heat up to 1000 square feet.

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