House in the city creates relaxation with a modern style.

Two-story house, modern style Beauty that is perfect and appropriate The house has a combination of different materials. Makes it look dimensional and diverse. The appearance shows strength and durability, but at the same time you can feel gentleness and relaxation due to the selection of natural materials to decorate the exterior, such as wood and stone. Landscaping in front of the house is another important part. That helps the house look much more comfortable. Rectangular wooden pickup truck. Plant trees and flowers inside. It’s organized, easy to care for, and refreshing.

The front of the house is closed but not dense, suitable for houses built in the city. Because it provides high privacy to residents. Glass is what creates openness. and wide openness The interior decoration is comfortable and has features that are not boring, such as in the family room. Play with the different floor levels between the living area and the kitchen. Lay the floor with different materials. Different textures create a new atmosphere without being monotonous.

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