How To Create Stunning Living Spaces On Your Terrace


The terrace has always been a favorite place for families to spend their time at home. This area is often used as an entertainment room or just a place to relax on the weekends, so this area is also ideal to be turned into a living room. Not only does it provide a refreshing outdoor atmosphere, the living room terrace makes anyone comfortable when visiting your home. With this concept, you can change the function of the living room area in the house as another room, such as a workspace or expand the dining room.

Applying an open concept, the terrace in the living room provides more privacy for other residents because the guests are only on the terrace. Apart from giving extra space, you also don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a special room because you can use the area on the terrace as a living room. Very space-saving and budget-friendly, the living room on the terrace does not require major renovations. Just do a few tricks to keep your living room on the patio comfortable and inviting. Get inspired!


Design and concept of the living room on the terrace

Not much different from building a living room in general, you need to determine what kind of living room design and concept is suitable to be applied on the terrace? The easiest way is to adjust the exterior style and facade of the building. From boho to minimalist styles, to implementing modern designs that are suitable for urban dwellings. You can decorate it according to the existing home design. If you want a different look, try adding a pergola or mini garden on your living room terrace, some string lights to flower arrangements will be very inviting.


Add a sun block

Sunlight often dazzles during the day, so you need a roof or barrier that blends in with the terrace design. Choose a sun barrier with an aesthetic model such as a pergola, a roof with plants or a transparent roof to reduce the sunlight that enters the terrace. In addition, make a green hedge that surrounds the terrace area. Apart from blocking sunlight, this hedge will give you more privacy.


Choose the right furniture

The terrace in the living room will be more comfortable and look aesthetic by choosing the right furniture. Instead of a wooden table, you can use rattan or bamboo furniture that seems unique. This furniture is also more resistant to hot weather, the material is very comfortable, especially when used outdoors. If you don’t want trouble, just bring the living room furniture in the house to your terrace, but this method allows for large terraces. So, whatever the style of your terrace, the use of furniture is the main key.


Add lighting for the night

If the day is too hot that you need to work around this with a sunblock, then the night becomes very dark because the living room is outside the room. To stay warm and comfortable at night, add lighting to your living room terrace. Use pendant lights, wall lights, or string lights for extra lighting. If you want a romantic atmosphere, put some lanterns and candles that will make the night even more beautiful. Enjoy!











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