Incredible 456 square foot tiny house design

Getting away from the noise and pollution of the city and spending some time in nature gives people the opportunity to better understand the functions of nature. This understanding helps to increase environmental awareness. This tiny house in Barneveld, New York, gives you this opportunity.

In this tiny house, you won’t believe what breathtaking nature adds to your life while you get rid of the hustle and bustle of daily life for a moment.

This tiny house, built on a plot of just over 45 acres at the foothills of The Adirondacks mountain, not far from New York, is located in a magnificent nature. Although it is located in a natural environment, it is quite close to restaurants and shops.

This cozy tiny place is the perfect escape for anyone who’s looking to get away from it all. 
Designed in a rustic style as a single room, the tiny house meets all the necessities of daily life.

Resembling a shipping container in shape, the tiny house has carefully chosen colors and quality modern materials.

This Hickory Outlook tiny house, which has a sloping porch roof, has a veranda right in front with a very modern jacuzzi. There is also a fire pit on the patio that you can use to warm up on slightly cooler days. The patio, which is illuminated by handmade gas lanterns and outdoor fixtures, has also created a seating area where you can sip your coffee while watching the view.

This one-room tiny house is divided into three parts: a sleeping area, a living area and a separate bathroom. Heating of all sections is provided as underfloor heating.

King-size bed with a unique view across the large windows. 

There is a large bed in the sleeping area, a closet where you can put your belongings and a stylish make-up table. The large windows in front of the bed seem to have been placed to warm you in the morning sun.

Right next to you, a very tastefully chosen leather armchair welcomes you. Right across the sofa, there is a smart TV and a handcrafted coffee table.

This tiny house has a full kitchen with easy access to the living space! 
After the living area, there is the kitchen area. If you want to go out and prepare a meal at home, this kitchen has all the equipment. The kitchen is integrated in a way that makes maximum use of other living spaces.
 What’s not to love about this toilet? It has heated seats and water! 
The bathroom is a separate section in the room. The bathroom, which is covered with neutral-colored ceramics, has a large shower cabin with a rain head, making this bathroom feel like a spa. The double sink and adjustable mirrors add convenience to your morning routine, while the heated toilet maximizes comfort.

Tiny House Construction

Tiny House Construction. 

You will get closer to nature during the time you spend in this tiny house with a breathtaking view, and you will enjoy the sunset and sunrise on its tiny veranda to the fullest.

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