Knock-down wooden house model Use narrow spaces wisely

Knock-down house model Characteristics of prefabricated houses which is very popular in the modern era I believe there must be some at least. that viewers have driven past. Today, “Baan Idea” takes you to see some knock-down houses from foreign countries. To learn about design ideas that focuses on saving space Ready to have a different design The exterior plays with a pattern similar to the appearance of tree bark. The house has a modern style. The raised floor uses a steel structure. The entrance to the house is made of stairs with two entrances. both in front of the house and next to the house Wooden doors and windows with glass panels provide clarity and brightness. Looks airy from the inside

Inside, every space is designed to be worth the most. Starting with the kitchen, the counter is stuffed with various appliances, including gas, washing machines, and microwaves. Space for storing things uses a mezzanine on the wall. Decorated with colorful lanterns. Opposite the kitchen is the bathroom zone. The wall of the room is space for the refrigerator. and shelves, including a TV corner

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