Liʋing CƖose to Nɑture ιn a Naɾɾow Box House with SkyligҺt Oʋer an Indoor Garden

The owneɾ’s desire and ɑrchιtect’s desιgn dιrection was to cɾeate a modern, stɾeamlιned spɑce Ƅut still highly ιdentifiable. Therefore, the selection of siмple lιnes and sҺapes is the choice that brings the best effect.

To create the impression and flexibility for the overall shape and the interior space, the blocks are arranged interlaced, stacked to create the feeling of a random layout, with the display of arrays and shapes. interspersed solid spaces.

When viewed from the outside, the stacked cubes create large balconies, receding in height to help create a connection, people below and above can easily see and talk to each other.

In addition, the balconies are arranged like terraced fields, also exploiting the advantage of the land in the northeast direction. The homeowner will be able to sit and watch the stars in the evening, enjoy the wind, and have more contact with nature.

The interlocking blocks help create gaps for the wind to pass through the house. Between the blocks is also the main light area for the house, like a private sky for the courtyard and for the whole house.


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