Modeɾn & Noɾdιc Style 2 Stoɾey DetɑcҺed Hoᴜse Ideas with an Aɾeɑ of ​​134 Meters

 This house design carries a modern and Nordic concept that prioritizes white with an elegant Scandinavian appearance. This modern Nordic house is inspired by Northern European countries. This house uses a 2-story concept that is separated from the front and back facades. So the interior space will feel spacious. The complete review can be discussed in  the Idea of ​​a 2-Storey Modern & Nordic Style Detached House with an Area of ​​134 Meters below:

Hoмey Һoᴜse fɑcɑde detɑιƖs

Because this time the house model is made of 2 floors and the layout is separate. Then the exterior of the facade will appear as shown. The European house style is characterized by the gable roof being made more pointed and the concrete slab plank being made wider or what is usually called a space overhang to provide an empty accent around it. The predominantly white exterior appears harmonious with the door and glass elements chosen in elegant black.

Gɑɾden ɑɾoᴜnd tҺe Һoᴜse


By carrying out the concept of a complex house , this residence maximizes the remaining land to create a garden or open landscape. Apart from ventilation, areas that are still open are used for water absorption as an effort to avoid waterlogging during the rainy season.
Combine it with natural stone elements to add a natural effect and a more calming feel.


Lιʋιng ɾooм ɑnd fɑмιƖy ɾooм ιnsριɾɑtιon


In the interior, this 2-story house uses neutral colors for neat, neat details. The combination of beige shades can still be added to several selected pieces of furniture such as a television cabinet or other accents. You can use a long sofa complete with cushions and an additional coffee table. Provide some access to sunlight by installing glass windows so that the room feels bright without having to use lights during the day. 

Neɑt Ƅedɾooм ιnteɾιoɾ

Next is the bedroom of the house which is dominated by strong materials such as carpet floors. Used as a queen bed to easily become a guest room or main bedroom. Several decorative accents look neat with a monochrome theme and a touch of gray curtains that balance the appearance of the room. Placing the work desk at the window makes activities more comfortable with maximum lighting.

KιtcҺen ιn Scɑndιnɑʋιɑn styƖe

Carrying a functional and neat Scandinavian concept, the L-shaped kitchen design in this house uses maximum equipment as storage space. With white and natural beige colors, the kitchen atmosphere is much brighter with a simple and simple arrangement. The built-in storage accent was chosen to maximize the remaining space so that it can be seen for placing the refrigerator.

BɑtҺɾooм desιgn

The final area is the bathroom of the house which uses a neutral white color with a tile floor with a slightly rough texture to minimize slipperiness. The sanitary equipment in this bathroom is placed according to its use, such as the end of the room for the shower , then the toilet and followed by the sink.
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