Nordic StyƖe House with DouƄle Volume Ceιling, 3 Bedɾooms, Spanning 145 sqm

Nordic style houses stand out for their neutral and timeless lines, the abundance of natural lighting and light colors on walls, floors, furniture and accessories.

Laconic forms, strict geometry of home exterior, no-frills, an abundance of elaborate decorations. The architectural ensemble is complemented by elements made of wood and natural stone, built according to the principle of color contrast to the primary color of the walls.

We can safely say that the Scandinavian style is the grace of simplicity.

Monochrome color scheme, often based on the principle of contrasting tones. The predominant range is white, brown, gray.

Big windows. Panoramic glazing of a part of the house is welcome. The room should be saturated with light as much as possible, especially during the cloudy, cold season.

Roofs with a significant slope to allow snow to melt. For the most part, they build gable roofs.

They focus on the environmental friendliness of housing. Mostly the Scandinavians use natural materials: timber, wood, natural stone.




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