Profile Tiny House: Where Small Spaces Spark Big Dreams


Living in a small space

How big does a home need to be? For Fabienne (34), 25m2 is enough for everything: kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping areas and a terrace. She sets great store by cosiness and comfort in her wooden Tiny House. However, this house for one is also designed with socialising in mind, thanks to some smart planning and functional furniture.


Downsizing and living in smaller spaces are firmly established trends in Switzerland. IKEA Family Club member Fabienne, who comes from near Solothurn, achieved her dream of moving into her own micro-home last summer: “I consciously wanted to rid myself of the things I did not need. I only wanted to hang onto the possessions that were genuinely close to my heart,” she explains. She constructed the Tiny House with her father. Her new home brings her great joy, and as she describes, “I can also play my small part towards achieving sustainability.” Fabienne’s permanent home is erected on a plot of land belonging to her parents. However, her Tiny House is on wheels and so could be moved elsewhere. It has electricity and water connections and is heated by an old stove. To avoid a cramped feel, Fabienne has chosen a base of light, natural colours. These make the space feel larger, while dark colours are used as contrast. She has left some of the walls in their natural wood, helping to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

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1. Smart storage

This staggered storage solution does not just fit under the stairs; you can actually use it as steps up to a bunk bed.

2. Stackable stools

Stools make ideal seating when visitors call or a practical side table. And when they are not in use, they stack neatly away, saving space.

3. Mirrors create the illusion of space

Mirrors are a popular decorating trick: they reflect light, bringing more brightness and depth to a room.

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