Relaxation in the garden, small house, refreshing resting area

One-story house in the garden Located not far from the main house of residence. This house was created for relaxation, warmth and privacy. amidst green nature shade of big trees The scent of grass It can add incredible energy to the body and mind. It can also be used to comfortably accommodate guests who come to visit on holidays. There is a spacious surrounding area for doing activities together.

In front of the house there is a wooden balcony that protrudes slightly. Arrange rattan chairs for sitting and sipping tea or snacks. Sliding glass doors surround it. When opened together inside the house, you will feel the freshness from the outside to the fullest. Makes the interior space small Didn’t feel cramped or uncomfortable in the slightest. In addition to being refreshed When the glass door is closed, it is also a way to receive natural light. Each door was covered with sparse white curtains. Bright light will not disturb your rest.

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