Resort style house Let every day be a holiday to look forward to

For people who like the freshness of nature They probably have the same dream of owning a house that makes them feel comfortable. Everywhere you look, you can see green trees and cool, clear water. It’s like having your own private resort where every day is a day of relaxation. This content, “House Ideas,” has a vacation home design near the beach of Canggu in Indonesia. It is well known as one of the tourist attractions that invite you to enjoy Balinese traditions and culture. And there are many cool housing projects, and this place is another inspiration for people who are looking for a resort-style home that is surrounded by nature.

AngganaVillas It is the name of a vacation home project in Bali. It consists of individual houses, separated and private, in various styles in one area. But what is the same in every building is Designing a house with large openings The ceiling is higher than normal. Focus on using glass walls to bring the lush landscape outside into the home. and picked up natural materials such as wood that were easily found locally. To create an atmosphere that is in harmony with the environment.

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