Retire comfortably in a small, one-story house that is easy to care for

aging The strength that used to be there like when we were young men and women gradually diminished from the time we used to sweep the house. You can mop your house all day without getting tired. Just a few minutes after holding the broom, the asthma symptoms began to worsen. You have to sit and rest for a bit and then come back and clean up. If in old age you have to take care of the same large house as before Hopefully, there will definitely not be time to relax in retirement like you dreamed of. Many people prepare by building a small house that is easy to take care of. You will save energy and time to use to rest your body. Rest your heart completely.

A one-story building with a pointed gable roof, sharp lines can be clearly seen from the outside. Uncomplicated and easy on the eyes, typical of modern style. Some parts are covered with brown woodwork. to reduce stiffness with warmth and control the theme with a purple-gray color Ready to open the glass door on two sides. The back door is a single door. The other side is the multi-purpose area in the house. Use it as a folding door that can be folded wide open. Closely connected to the garden

The space inside the house emphasizes open and airy allocation. Feel the openness without the need to build a wall between the kitchen. Dining room and living room Due to the limited space available Such a design can cause crampedness and discomfort. It also blocks air from ventilating as it should.

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