Revamp your living area using the ideal wooden sconce! Explore pro advice for selecting the perfect one to complement your home decor.

Charming and timeless, the wooden sconce is an invitation to comfortable and relaxing environments.

And believe us: it goes far beyond the rustic style. Keep following the post to find out more about the wooden sconce and how to choose the ideal model for your home.

How to choose a wooden sconce Tips On How To Choose The Ideal Wooden Sconce For Your Home


Internal or external

Before choosing a wooden wall light for your project, it is important to know if it will be exposed to the weather or protected in an indoor environment. This is because in outdoor environments it is recommended that the wood used to be solid and that it has already undergone previous treatment, ensuring protection against the effects of the sun and rain.

And, regardless of whether the sconce will be indoors or out, it is necessary to protect the wood against insects, especially termites.

Decor style Tips On How To Choose The Ideal Wooden Sconce For Your Home


Many people think that wooden sconces are only used to compose rustic-style environments or, in other words, country and farmhouses. But it’s nothing like that! The wooden sconce looks amazing in modern and sophisticated environments. However, for this, you need to pay attention to the type of wood used and the design of the piece.

In general, unfinished wooden sconces, such as those made from demolition wood or natural logs, are the best fit for rustic environments. On the other hand, modern environments or with a classic and sophisticated proposal should opt for wooden sconces with a great finish. The more laid-back spaces, such as those that follow the industrial line, for example, can bet on light wood sconces, such as those made of pine.

Another important detail is the design of the sconce, that is, the shape it carries. The rustic proposals work well with wooden sconces with organic shapes, curves and are rich in details. But in classic and modern environments, the ideal is to bet on light fixtures with clean lines and few ornaments.

Do you know what the wooden sconce will be used for? This also makes a difference when choosing the ideal model. First thing you need to know: wooden sconces are not recommended for reading or activity environments as they do not provide direct lighting, only diffused light.

Therefore, this type of sconce can be used to signal corridors, for example, guiding the passage or even highlighting some work of art or detail on the wall. The wooden sconce can still be used to bring more comfort to the environment, especially in outdoor areas or spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and balconies.

When the wooden sconce is being used as a support light, such as on the headboard of the bed, for example, try to install it so that it does not obscure the view of those in the room. In this case, the ideal height is between 1.10m and 1.50m. In the case of passageways, the ideal is for the wall light to be fixed at a minimum height of 1.80m up to a maximum of 2.10m. To highlight architectural details or works of art, install the sconce above the point you want to enhance.

Want more wooden sconce ideas and how to use them in decor? So take a look at the images below, they will inspire your project:

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